Briefing: Medi-Cal: Expansion, Managed Care and the Impact of Reform


Moderator: Gil Ojeda, Director, CA Program on Access to Care, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Panel 1: The Expansion: Projections, Hard-to-Reach Populations, and Immigrants

Panel Moderator: Gil Ojeda, Director, CPAC

Miranda Dietz, Policy Analyst, Center for Labor Research and Education, UC Berkeley

Anthony Wright, Executive Director, Health Access California

Legislative Perspective: Medi-Cal Budgetary Overview for FY 2015-16

Tony Thurmond, Chair, Sub Committee on Health & Human Services, Assembly Budget

Panel 2: Network Adequacy: Physicians, Medical Groups, Community Health Centers

Panel Moderator: Eduardo Martinez, Associate Director, Government Relations, CMA

Senator Richard Pan, MD, (Sacramento), Member, Senate Health Committee

Toni Johnson-Chavis, MD, President, Omni Care Medical Group (Los Angeles)

Andrew Bindman, MD, Professor of Medicine, UCSF School of Medicine; Director, California Medicaid

Research Institute (CaMRI)

Sean South, Associate Director, Policy and Legislation, California Primary Care Association



Panel 3: Expansion of Medi-Cal Managed Care

Panel Moderator: Albert Lowey-Ball, Health Economics and Medicaid Advisor, CPAC

Steve Melody, President, Medicaid Health Plan for California, Anthem-Blue Cross

Shelley Rouillard, Director, California Department of Managed Health Care

Lisa Chan-Sawin, Director, Policy and Operations, Harbage Consulting

Peter Hansel, Executive Director, CalPACE

STATE PERSPECTIVE: Medi-Cal Direction and Initiatives

Jennifer Kent, Director, Department of Health Care Services