California Health Conference 2016

Panel 1: Health of the Health Care System
Moderated by Brian Joseph,
Mari Cantwell, California Department of Health Care Services; Amber Didier, California Legislative Analyst’s Office; David Panush, California Health Policy Strategies; Teresa Stark, Kaiser Permanente

A multibillion-dollar system at the crossroads: With dramatic changes looming, including rate hikes, where do our dollars come from and where are they going? What is the impact of the Medi-Cal expansion? How does health care for immigrants factor into this? Is California’s health insurance exchange here to stay?

Panel 2: The Ballot Battleground
Moderated by Pauline Bartolone, Kaiser Health News
Rand Martin, MVM Strategy; Micah Weinberg, Bay Area Council; Anthony Wright, Health Access; Daniel Zingale, The California Endowment;

Several ballot initiatives deal with crucial, complex health issues – drug costs, tobacco taxes, hospital funding, Medi-Cal support, even marijuana use. Are profound changes in California’s health care delivery system looming? What’s at stake here for those who provide health care? Do voters really know what’s at stake?

Panel 3: The Patients’ Perspective
Moderated by Claudia Buck, Sacramento Bee
Yvonne Choong, California Medical Association; Richard Kravitz, UC Center Sacramento; Jocelyn Montgomery, California Association of Health Facilities; Jane Stevens,

In the intensifying debate over health care — the dollars, the institutions and the changes — the patients’ voice often gets lost. Is care quality improving, declining or flat-lining? How is California doing in comparison with other states? How does the distribution of doctors play into this? What changes, if any, should we make immediately?

Panel 4: The Politics of Health Care
Moderated by Emily Bazar, California Healthline

Assemblyman Jim Wood, Chair, Assembly Health Committee; Richard Figueroa, The California Endowment; Liz Helms, California Chronic Care Coalition;  Nick Louizos, California Association of Health Plans

Election year or not, the Capitol forces at odds over health care policy are in near-continuous deployment. Whether it’s scope of practice, reimbursement levels for doctors, regulation of health care facilities, long-term care or the costs of services, it’s a high-stakes battle in virtually every legislative session. Is this a permanent part of Capitol life, or is peace at hand.