Capitol Weekly & UC Center Present: Water 2016

As Californians live through a historic drought, the state’s leaders seek solutions to an age-old problem. New groundwater rules, restrictions on water use, and fights over new storage and transportation projects loom in 2016 – with a proposed ballot initiative that would restrict large infrastructure projects looming over all.




PANEL 1: Fiscal Impacts 
Project costs; financing, rates, related structure costs; prepping and planning, etc


PANEL 2: The Project 
A physical description: how big and long; impact on landscape; potential changes; property issues; construction timelines, etc

John Laird, Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency




PANEL 3: Water Storage and Delivery
Groundwater storage, surface storage; impacts on delivery; additional infrastructure; areas of greatest need



PANEL 4: The Politics
Political forces at play shaping policy, outlook for legislative/ballot action; is the north-vs-south division intensifying; options for water districts; environmental concerns