Carbon Free California

California continues to lead the nation – if not the world – in setting ambitious goals for carbon emission reductions. But many questions remain about how to achieve 40 percent GHG emission reductions in a state with a rapidly growing and diverse population and more than 27 million vehicles.  

The state’s cap-and-trade program remains a centerpiece of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — a program that has won the support of much of the state’s business community, including the oil industry. But the program faces serious legal challenges and many question if it will be enough to meet new, more ambitious reduction goals. And, how will California’s leadership role be sustained with a new federal administration that appears hostile to climate programs in general?

Finally, the ultimate cost of climate change policies remains a fiercely debated subject that is certain to be front in center in the legislative, regulatory and legal battles that will decide the fate of California’s carbon-free ambitions.

Over two dozen industry experts, scientists, elected officials, regulators and journalists on explored the answers to these and other questions.