Latinas Paths to Power

Latinas in California, and nationwide for that matter, continue to struggle with the lack of representation at the State Capitol.  Latinas reached a high mark for California State representation when 12 Latinas served in the Assembly and Senate in 2004.  Ten years later, the number of Latina representatives has since dropped down to seven.  Latinas remain underrepresented compared to their population numbers. Latinas in elective office offers many benefits: legitimate democratic government and more diverse points of view and leadership styles, are often cited.

As part of continued efforts to highlight the political power of Latinas and produce programs that champion the Latina spirit, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) is partnering with Time Warner Cable in its fifth year to host a webcast on the advancement of women in politics.  The partner organizations are striving to encourage women throughout California and the nation to pursue roles in political office and give realization and confirmation to their importance and impact.

Guest participants include: