Press Conference: President pro Tem De León and Speaker Atkins Unveil Immigration Legislation

Immigrants Shape California Legislative Package

Legislative leaders announced a 10-bill package to protect undocumented immigrants from fraud, discrimination, lack of health care, and the unintended consequences of our criminal justice system.


Immigrants Shape California Legislative Bill Package:

SB 10 (Lara) Office of New Americans

SB 4 (Lara) Health Care for All

AB 622 (Roger Hernandez) Protecting Immigrant Workers from Unscrupulous Employers

SB 600 (Pan) Civil Rights Protection for California’s Immigrants

AB 60 (Gonzalez) Thwarting Immigration Services Fraud

SB 674 (De León & Atkins) Immigrant Victims of Crime Equity Act

AB 899 (Levine) Juvenile Confidentiality

AB 1343 (Thurmond) Ensuring Due Process for Immigrant Defendants

AB 900 (Levine) Extension of Probate Jurisdiction to Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Children

AB 1352 (Eggman) Preventing Unintended Immigration Consequences for Rehabilitated Immigrants

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